MorningStar a Play as Musical Audio Book

by Alva Sound Art Studio

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Waiting on words that you say to begin Look and You will find them there To finish the thought and the song that You sing Gathered from out of thin air Follow the reason Or the dream that you keep deep inside of you Change of the season Time to realize And Be Fee Rushing around time draws nigh to an end Endings are ways to begin Starting all over you revolve once again And find different ways you can sing Follow the reason Or the dream that you keep deep inside of you Change of the season Time to realize And Be Fee The springtime that we met, we dance beneath the blossoming flowers of a fragrant cherry tree, to a springtime melody


DEMO for Listening on Track 30 "MorningStar a Play as Musical Audio Book" is an adaptation of the true story of the Morning Star Ranch Commune accidentally created in Sonoma County California in the 1960s and 70s. It is the story of Lou Gottlieb, of The Limeliters, and of those who came to his land located just outside of Occidental during and around the Summer of Love. This is the story of those who came to the Land, "Access to Which is Denied No One."

This work is about human aspiration, of high goals and ideals that are put into action. The concern being how to live on this Earth, rightly and in harmony with the land, with people and with God.

It is also the story of how some of the neighbors felt, those who supported Morning Star, and those who wished to shut it, and other back to the land type movements down. It is the story of the Law, of regulations, and permits and inspections and the courts.

It is also the story of Lou deeding the land "his land" "just to God". And once done, how the Municipal Court of Sonoma County ruled on this action. Can God own property in America? That decision regarding the right of property ownership is still the Law of the Land. not just for Sonoma County California, but for the entire United States.

This is a musical audio book, meaning that there is narration, voice actors, soundscapes and music, songs. A concept album, meets reader's theater, meets audio book. The first of its kind, at least to this degree.

The composers include Alicia Bay Laurel (Living on the Earth), Joe Dolce (Hey Shaddup You Face), Ramon Sender (San Francisco Tape Music Center), and features music by The Round, The Peerless Wonders and The Story Orchestra. There is classical piano music as well, featuring excerpts from "Pictures at an Exhibition" by Modest Mussorgsky.

"MorningStar" was originally a staged play production. Keep your eyes and ears open for future stage productions, as that, I feel, is its rightful home of this work.

"MorningStar a Play as Musical Audio Book" is a truly unique and amazing story, in a truly unique and amazing presentation and performance by Alva Sound Art Studio and all of its actors and musicians, writers and composers, recording engineers and designers.

In Joy, Enjoy as the song sings, "In Peace, Life, Beauty and Love"

There are many online references and sites to visit relating to this history and its archetypal characters. There is the Morning Star Scrap Book, Alicia Bay Laurel and Joe Dolce, the Diggers, The Trips Festival, communal living and the current line up of The Limeliters.


released December 16, 2019

(Chapter 29 audiowise lists the credits for writers, composers, and copyright information. Performers are also listed there with the characters that they performed.)

MorningStar a Play as Musical Audio Book Performers:

Stephen Fowler as “Lou”
Jonathan Van Nuys as “Ramon”
Gloria Strasborg as “Gina”
Theresa Abalo as “Near”

Erin Lee Anderson as “Dolly”
Brian Skinner as “John Butler”
Joe Winkler as “Professor Harold Dogsley”
Cristian Caetano as “Pamona Paste”
Len Improta as “D A Ramsey”
Tom McIntyre as “The Judge”

Jeremy Sharpe as “the Narrator”

The following Performers performed several, or many, character rolls:

Kelly Ann Walton; Nadja Masura; Art Kopecky; Robin Temple; Dom Lyons; Claudia Larsen;
Daniel Alva; Ryan Madden; David Sloves; Gardner Rust; Zachary Alva; Lilly Hourigan;
Andrea Van Dyke; Margaret McIntyre; Michael Escobel; Theo Yardley; Rich Sanders;
Tanya Boone-Alva; Cyrus Alva; Petri Alva; and Nicholas Alva;
Special Guest Appearance by Edward McCloud

Jeffree Whitebear Domagalski sang hymns of “the Hippy Chanter”

Almost all of the cast members sang

Musical Groups:
The Round; The Peerless Wonders; The Morning Star Folkharmonic Orchestra; Jeremy Sharpe and his Associates; Joe Dolce performed “Hey Lou Gottlieb”; and Zachary Alva was the Piano soloist.

Musicians, vocalists and instrumentalists:
Alicia Bay Laurel, Ramon Sender, Joe Dolce, Carrie Krueger, Linton Hale, Radical Ron Ransford, Mark Petrella, Mark Escalera, Uwe Lueth, Ken Dutcher, Brian Skinner, Cyrus Alva, Petri Alva,
Tanya Boone-Alva, Rachel Tree, Alanna Weatherby, Ezra Hernandez, Alex Sterling, Brett Mollard, Rich Sanders, Daniel Stein and Nicholas Alva

MorningStar a Play as Musical Audio Book Composers:

Alicia Bay Laurel
Ramon Sender
Lou and Mother Mira
Joe Dolce
Brian Skinner
Tanya Boone Alva
Kelly Ann Walton
Linton Hale
Nicholas Alva
Johann Sebastian Bach
Modest Mussorgsky
Sergei Rachmaninoff
Blues Trip Jam by Jeremy Sharpe and Associates
And anonymous for some traditional style pieces
(copyrights held by composers)

An Alva Sound Art Studio Production

Produced and Directed by Nicholas Alva
Written by Nicholas Alva, with source information from “The Morning Star Scrapbook”; “Home Free Home Journal”; The Press Democrat Archives, The Festal Menaion, e e cummings, and many living history interviews and oral traditions

Sound Recorded, Engineered, Edited and Mixed by: Jeremy Sharpe, Rich Sanders and Nicholas Alva
Production work done at The Coop on Star Mountain; S2ads; and Alva Sound Art Studio
Final mix by Nicholas Alva

The Morning Star Collage created by Phil Morningstar
Additional Art and Calligraphy by Tanya Boone-Alva
Photos by Cyrus and Petri Alva

Nicholas Alva, Alva Sound Art Studio, holds the copyright for the overall and completed project, as well as to the compositions that he composed. All composers hold copyrights for their material and dates are held by them. Alicia Bay Laurel copyright Indigo with Stars. For information on particular copyright information email

Initial release to the Universe November 23rd, 2019.

Over all production managed and manifested by Nicholas Alva, copyright Alva Sound Art Studio 2005, 2019, etc.


all rights reserved



Nicholas Alva - Alva Sound Art Studio Rohnert Park, California

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